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Choose a vehicle from our inventory, contact us from the Contact Page to request the full cost including shipping. You can also email us at salesteam@autocarsjapan.com to ask for a price quote.

To request an invoice send us the vehicle stock number,  your full name, address and contact information to salesteam@autocarsjapan.comA sales agent will email you an invoice within one business day.  If you decide to purchase contact us so we can reserve the unit.

We accept Bank Telegraphic Transfer, from any bank for payments. You can pay using Online Bank Transfer as well. To confirm the order submit a copy of the payment receipt for verification.

All International buyers must pay through our finance team and the United States. Japan locals must complete payments to our main office.

Important: Only payment details sent from salesteam@autocarsjapan.com is valid. Do not make payment to anyone outside this company.

To import the vehicle a clearing agent can help you to complete the procedure, and give you an indication on the fee and taxes to be paid. Complete the procedures and collect your vehicle!

On Sea Insurance includes damages, loss and theft before arrival.

Vehicle Warranty offers a full mechanical coverage for 13 months after delivery.

Upon payment completion we will immediately begin the export arrangements to book shipment for the next vessel departure. You can follow the status of your shipment by accessing your account page, at any time. The vehicle documents will be sent by DHL Express Mail immediately upon order completion.


Ensure to source a local import broker in your country to complete the clearance process for the vehicle upon delivery.

Documents Needed For Import

  •  Bill of Lading (B/L)
  •  Insurance Document (if your purchase is CIF)
  •  Export Certificate (also called the “Deregistration Certificate” or “Cancellation of Registration” form)
  • Commercial Invoice
  • If your government requires, we will also send you the following:. Inspection Certificate
    Export Permit (also called the “Bill of Entry”)

Selling Affordable Cars


Since 2009, we have been selling and exporting quality, affordable Japanese used cars to more than 150 countries around the world.
We are one of the most affordable exporters of used vehicles in Japan and we offer a wide range of models and makes, professionally inspected and maintained.

We save you money by offering the most reasonable prices on luxury units comparing to our competitors.

Our cars are preowned luxury models and they are shipped fully-serviced with all requirements completed. We’ll deliver your car wherever you are.

To make a purchase contact our Sales Team at salesteam@autocarsjapan.com



Akihiro Lee Chin
Chief Executive Officer
Peter Odegard
President of Finance
Chi Sakayuki
Inventory Manager
Japan Car Limited Sales Team


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